150+ Best Cash App Names To Request Money From 2022 ($Cashtags)

Hey there, are you looking for cash app names to request money from? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, I have stated some about 150+ best Cashtags names to request money from” as well as how to get free money on Cash App, and so much much. I bet you cannot skip this article for anything in the world. So, let’s ride together as we go through the work paragraph by paragraph.

Cash App which was originally known as Square Inc is a financial peer-to-peer payment platform that is used to transfer money, receive payment, save, invest in the stock, and many more.

It is a mobile application that can be downloaded on both Android and IOS devices. Cash App serves as an alternative to conventional banks because it functions like a bank in its services and can be used as a bank account.

When you open a Cash App account, you are made to set up a username that serves as your $cashtag. This is what will be used by your friends, family, and business partners as your Cash App name to request money from. Before we move on, let’s see what a Cash App name is.

What is A Cash App Name? – $Cashtags


Cash App name is the name with which you opened your Cash App account. When opening a Cash App account, you will be requested to fill in a name that your account will be known with. It must not necessarily be your real name but any name that will be known as your Cash App name.

When setting up a name. The first letter must be in upper case (capital letter). The name must not be more than 20 characters long. There shouldn’t be special characters like commas, inverted commas, exclamation marks, quotation marks (,’!-;) etc.

Just like you, other Cash App users have Cash App names to request money from.

How To Create A Cashtag Name



Here is the simple way to create your Cashtag name. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to do.

On the profile icon on the homepage of your Cash App, navigate to the bottom of the screen and tap on the personal tab. Click on $cashtag from the menu. Enter the name you wish, confirm the name, and press set.

Where Can I Find My Cash App Name?


In case you need to send your cash App name to someone and you aren’t sure of the name you imputed during registration, here is how to find it.

To find your Cash App name, log into your Cash App and click on the profile icon. On the next page, you will find your Cash App name and $cashtag.

What Name Shows Up On Cash App?


Your Cash App name is what forms your $cashtag. The $cashtag is a unique URL that is often referred to as the Cash App name to request money from. Because whoever wants to request money from you would demand that cashtag. And you would also need theirs to request money from them.

When you carry out any transaction that involves paying with Cash App, it is that name that people will see. In other words, that is the name that shows up on Cash App hence the need to carefully choose a good name when setting up your account.

Although you can always change your Cash App name if you think there is a need for a change.

Cash App Names To Request Money From


Except there is a giveaway, there are no Cashtags names to request money from. You can only request money from your family members and friends. So before you request money from anyone, be sure that they know you want to request money from them.

So do not fall victim to any Cash App scam giving you some names to request money from. Below are some examples of Cash App names.

Cash App Name Ideas


  • $Destinylove
  • $Moneynotaproblem
  • $youngmoneylord
  • $Peacefuldamsel
  • $Giftedenterprise
  • $Cashappmoney
  • $Favoredone
  • $Lovelyprincess
  • $Looking4ARainbow
  • $CoffeeOnIce
  • $SleepIs4theWeek
  • $ShishKabob
  • $HotDiggityDog
  • $Johnpablo
  • $Gabrielwind
  • $Talkmoney
  • $DigitalKing
  • $Perfectangel
  • $Gofundme
  • $Donotaskmoney
  • $Letstalkbusiness
  • $Investmentonmymind
  • $Spenditall

Celebrities Cash App Names

  • $Faithfullness
  • $Jonathanlove
  • $Misspretty
  • $Mummysfavorite
  • $Daddyspride
  • $Summerspree
  • $PowerfulGod
  • $Annabeltwist
  • $Berrylover
  • $candycondy
  • $Dearestdude
  • $Danny4real
  • $Dorinalcool4short
  • $Damiangentle
  • $Dandy2good
  • $Andrewsoft
  • $Iamyourown
  • $Badguysstillgood
  • $Bellasbagalways
  • $Babbielover
  • $Engineerjoseph
  • $Followtheroad
  • $Excesslove4you
  • $Evasworld2go
  • $Beverlysamson
  • $Edwardthegreat
  • $Ednut2theworld
  • $ElenaJonas
  • $Emirateforever
  • $Blueseangle

Rappers Cash App Names

  • $Flyabovetheworld
  • $Ferdinardsheart
  • $Forever2short
  • $Fakefriendblocked
  • $Fedoraclinton
  • $Feliznavidad
  • $Godwin2good
  • $Godofwonders
  • $Gettochildwins
  • $Nomoneynoproblem
  • $GertrudeStephen
  • $Genny4life
  • $Missyouall
  • $Igatdmoney
  • $Goalgetter4ever
  • $Harrysmith
  • $Henrydentist
  • $Havanasport
  • $Hungaryfine2go
  • $Stand2gether
  • $Togetherforever
  • $HarrietDecor
  • $Trustedgiver4life
  • $Irenemakeover

Funny Cash App Names


  • $Ivanvankamoney
  • $Callme4money
  • $Helpthehelpless
  • $Isabella4mama
  • $IssacDballer
  • $Hotdogplace
  • $Isaiahlovina
  • $Joshuageneration
  • $Jellio4business
  • $InvestorJ4short
  • $Joinmytrade2day
  • $Gareshowers721
  • $Journey5694peace
  • $Joanhomeservice
  • $Jovitawears
  • $JacquelineDdoll
  • $Moneylover
  • $JessicaJohnson22
  • $KelvinSapp

Sugar Daddy Cash App Names

  • $kellinMillionz
  • $kashavailable12
  • $Kathrina45
  • $KoolMoney4U
  • $Lindalushus
  • $LovinaH2
  • $Lilysandra
  • $Nolowlife
  • $Lucasbynorway
  • $Ginaservice23
  • $Michealwashington
  • $MummyspriDe
  • $Madiamona

Cash App Names That Send Money


  • $Moneymedium
  • $Williamadams
  • $Movement2long
  • $Mamashome4u
  • $Norasbirth
  • $JunieAdams
  • $Nelly2k22
  • $Never4getme
  • $Norwayprince
  • $NikeonAir
  • $JonathanGospel
  • $DeanFrancisDDoc
  • $Koreaservice
  • $OrangeJuice4life
  • $Ordinaryworld
  • $Orderlysystem
  • $Orchad75Plants
  • $GreatnessAcademy
  • $FittnessCoach
  • $SpyDworld4me

Unique Cash App Names

  • $Chasingmoney
  • $SummerClassQ
  • $Sendmemoney
  • $Ask4Cash
  • $WilliamDollars
  • $PotterJosh
  • $PopDCash
  • $Keepitreal
  • $Flyemirateking
  • $Queenempire
  • $RitaRodney
  • $Quiver4u
  • $RachealAbel60
  • $Honeypotter12
  • $Toddlershome4all
  • $Theresa24Andy
  • $TessyBlissworld
  • $TonyRice92
  • $PutinDgreat
  • $WashingtonLord
  • $MayorTexas
  • $Anny62sport
  • $Serena4Success
  • $ZubaMatthew
  • $FollowDroad
  • $AfricaPrince
  • $HandsomeTod44
  • $Zoolover32

How To Request Money On Cash App


If it’s a legit demand, here is how to request money from someone on Cash App.

  • Open your Cash App and click on the dollar ($) sign.
  • Enter the amount you want to request and click request. 
  • Enter or tap on the $cashtag of the person that you want to request money from. You can also enter their email and phone numbers.
  • Then click on the request button.

Nevertheless, if you want free money on the Cash App, read the paragraph below.

How To Get Free Money On Cash App


There are ways to get free money on Cash App and I will be enumerating a few of them. However, note that any flip money scheme on Cash App is a scam the following are 3 ways to get free money on Cash App.

Sign Up Bonus


When you first join and create an account on Cash App, you can receive a free $5 bonus after a transaction of at least $5 in the first 14days.

Cash App Debit Card Boost


You can also get free money on Cash App when you get a Visa debit card and activate your spending boost. After doing this, you will be given discount money.

Referral Link


Additionally, you can get free money on Cash App by inviting friends to use Cash App through your referral link. When anyone joins or creates an account from your link, you will earn a bonus from Cash App.


Is It Ok To Give Someone My Cash App Name?


Yes, you can give someone your Cash App name especially if the person wants to send money to you. However, do not just give your Cash App name and other detail to any random stranger except those that are probably doing a giveaway.

Cash App Names To Request Money From A Stranger


You can request money from a stranger if only you have their Cash App names. However, this is not a guarantee that the money will be paid to you except there is a giveaway by that person. Therefore, there are no specific Cash App names to request money From.

How Do I Request Money From A Stranger On Cash App?


The process to request money from a stranger on Cash App is the same as the step on how to request money explained above.



This article has been able to show you the about 150+ best Cash App names to request money from. However, take note that there are many Cash App scams so avoid demanding money from people that you are not familiar with.

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