Chipper Cash New Virtual VISA Card Review



How to get a new chipper cash virtual visa card.

Chipper cash card is a prefunded and reloadable virtual visa card that can be use anywhere online for payment.
The card work in the same way your local bank card work online.

Features of Chipper cash virtual card

  • 5% cash back on all purchases
  • Use for online purchases anywhere Visa cards are accepted
  • It can also be used to book flights, subscribe to Netflix or buy anything online easily from your Chipper cash wallet.
  • Freeze and unfreeze your card in the app if anything goes wrong.
  • You can easily fund your card from your chipper cash wallet.

How to get Chipper cash card

To get your new online chipper cash card, you’ll need to update your chipper cash app to the latest version on App store or Google Play Store
  • Login to your chipper cash app. If you don’t have an account create one here.
  • Click on ”CARD” tab
  • Click on “CLAIM CARD”
    • Input the requested information and continue by clicking on “LOOKS GOOD”
      claim your card
    • Tab continue
    • Preview your information
      preview your chipper card
    • Boom! your Chipper cash visa card in ready

    How to fund your chipper cash card

    To credit your card, follow the bellow steps.
    • Login to your chipper cash dashboard
    • Go to your card tab
    • Tab “add fund from chipper wallet”
    • Type in the amount
    • Select “add fund”
    • After completing the transaction, your chipper cash wallet will be debited and your chipper cash card balance will be credited.
    • your transaction history will appear on your “activities tab”.

    How to withdraw money from your chipper cash card

    Follow the below instructions to withdraw fund from your chipper card.
    • Login to your app dashboard
    • Go to your “card” tab
    • Then tab “withdraw to chipper wallet”
    • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
    • Tab ‘withdraw fund”
    • After the completing the transaction, your chipper card balance will be debited and your chipper wallet will be credited.

    Chipper cash Freeze and unfreeze feature

    This features allows its card user to stop their card from working. All the control is done at “card” tab in chipper cash app.
    At the time this article was published, tapping on the ”freeze card” button will give you error as highlighted below;
    Freeze Card is coming soon! In the meantime, you can withdraw your card remaining balance to your chipper wallet. Merchants can only access funds in your Chipper card balance.

    What are they saying here?

    This simply means, the freeze feature is not available at the moment. But when any thing goes wrong with card, you can simply remove your remaining money from the card as alternative to freeze card.


    How much is withdrawal or adding funds fees to the chipper card?

    No fees is charged for withdrawing or adding funds

    Is Chipper card connected to Chipper wallet?

    Nope! you can only add money to your card from your chipper wallet

    Where can I use my chipper card?

    Chipper cash virtual card can be use anywhere online where visa card payment is accepted

    Country which Chipper cash card is available

    At the time this article was published, chipper card is available to only users in Nigeria.

    Chipper card transaction limits

    Chipper cash card maximum funding limit, international spend limit, domestic spend limit and withdrawal limit have No limits.
    Daily maximum funding limit – N80,000
    Monthly/daily maximum international spend limit – N43,500
    Daily maximum domestic spend limit – N1,000,000
    Monthly maximum domestic spend limit – N4,000,000
    Withdrawal limit – No limit.


    Chipper cash virtual visa card is a digital card that can be used anywhere online. For enquire, issues and complaint. Go to your activities dashboard and click on the transaction with the issues, complaint or enquiry. Then select ” report a problem”. An automatic message will be send immediately to the team that’ll attend to you.



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