Garzali Miko Biography: Wikipedia, Net Worth

Do you want to known Garzali miko Wikipedia biography and net worth, Age, religion and others thing’s? If yes, then keep reading as you can read full biography of garzali miko and net worth in details.

Garzali miko Biography

Garzali Miko Biography: Wiki, Net Worth

Garzali miko is Nigeria talented singer and actor, he is kannywood star, he is director and songwriter. He is one of kannywood artist that accomplished his dream by been an actor and singer. He know how he he accomplished his dream to become actor and singer read this Garzali miko biography and net worth to an end.

Garzali miko Background

Garzali miko ( born in September 1993 ) was born in kano and raised in kano state. He attended his both primary and secondary school in kano state.

Garzali miko is graduate of university which is he graduate with good result. In Garzali miko biography and net worth I will also discuss about his relationship and Age.

Garzali Miko Relationship

As a fans who is looking for Garzali miko biography and net worth, you will love to known about his relationship also, either his married or not. As you read this I will tell you all you need to known about Garzali miko relationship.

Is Garzali miko married ? the answer is No, because from the information we have and what I have see from his social media handle Garzali is yet to married.

Garzali Career

a lot of question usually come from fans of garzali miko about how Garzali miko started his acting and singing career. In this article of garzali miko biography and net worth I will share how garzali miko started his career.

Garzali miko started his career from his teenage age , exactly year can specify here, he started as movies producer, before Garzali miko get features to kannywood movies and same time recording audios.

Garzali miko appear in kannywood movies firstly when he get features in “Gamu Nan Dai”. Garzali miko was features in several Hausa movies. He also records many musical tracks to his name. He associates with Ali nuhu, Momee Gombe, and others.

Garzali Miko Songs

in this recent time garzali miko is well know as singer and very popular due to style of music. In the article of garzali miko biography and net worth I will share few of popular songs of garzali miko.

Shagalin Biki

Yakamata Ki Gane

Soyayyar Ki Ta Kamani

Soyayya Ruman Zuma

So Halita Ne

Ruwam Zuwa

Mizanin So

Soyayya Ce



Garzali Miko Net Worth

With due respect to our readers and Also provide legit information, I can tell you here I estimate net worth of an artist or actor based on his popular and how his his music is selling across global and how many endorsement deal he has. With this Garzali miko is popular and famous Hausa singer has net worth from range $100,000 to $200, 000.


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