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Watch & Download Free Movies, Series, Animation, & Cartoon Without Paying a Dime. You can stream the most current and most talked about movies online free of charge when you create a goojara profile. You can stream and watch anime videos, cartoons, and other new tv programs for free., now This entertainment website features the most recent and popular movies, TV series, and anime. Here we will be discussing how you can download and watch anime and movies free on GooJara. It’s true, everything on this website is free.

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Goojara, like I said earlier, is an entertainment website that allows one to watch and download their favourite movies, TV shows, and anime. Goojara does not have to pay a subscription fee or charge for streaming content. To stream or use Goojara you just need a reliable and fast internet connection.

Goojara has a great archive/directory that includes anime, TV shows, movies and TV shows from at least 19 years ago. It allows you to upload TV series content as soon they air and movies after they drop. It is unlikely that you will find as many websites with such fast uploads of movie contents.

Every TV show that is uploaded comes with a series and episodes tag. You will see the video quality that the uploads are in at the right hand side. This includes HDTV, HDR and DVD. features


Let’s begin by giving you an overview of the entertainment platform. Then, let us look at its features.

  1. Search Bar: You will find a search bar in the upper right corner when you visit the website. This feature is extremely important as not all TV shows, movies, or anime can appear on the homepage. Search for any anime, TV series, or movie you are interested in streaming, downloading, or watching online. Simply enter the name of the content and press the Enter key. The system will then display a list with results based upon the keywords that you have entered.
  2. Goojara listens closely to their fans and listens to them. You can request the upload of anime, TV shows or movies to the platform. That’s right. After browsing their archive, if you don’t see the content that you want, drop a comment and ask them to upload it. The content will be uploaded in a reasonable time.
  3. Picture-In-PictureMode: When streaming contents on Goojara, you can use the treading picture-in-picture mode. This mode allows the streaming of content to continue while you do something else on your phone. The stream is smaller and takes up a fraction of the screen. This allows you to multitask. The mode is popular on all websites and apps.

How to Watch & Stream Movies & Anime On GooJara Free


Below are some ways you can view movies, TV shows and anime on GooJara.

  • Open your web browser and visit It is highly recommended to use Google Chrome browser.
  • Locate the content you want to watch. Search the site to locate it. Click on the link to take you directly to the page.
  • Wait for your video player to load. Then, click on the blue video icon. Content will begin streaming.
  • You can use picture-in–picture mode when you multitask on your device, or computer because most movies are typically two hours long.

How to Download Movies & Anime from GooJara Free


You can also download movies from GooJara if you don’t want them streaming directly. Follow the steps below to download it.

  • The web portal can be accessed using a modern web browser, such as Google Chrome, from a computer. Switch to the Google Chrome desktop web portal if your mobile device is not supported.
  • Select the movie you’d like to download. If the movie you are looking for isn’t available on the homepage, try the search option. Then, click on it.
  • Before you can download the movie from the internet, you need to stream it first. After the video player loads properly, press the blue icon to play. Stop the video streaming immediately.
  • In the top-left corner of your screen, you will see a blue Download button. Click on the button to download the movie to your device.

Hopefully, you now know everything about I already said that it’s the best streaming platform for movies. This guide will tell you everything you need about downloading and watching movies and anime on GooJara.

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