How to Clone Phone Number Without Sim Card

Steps to Clone Phone Number Without Sim Card

Today’s blog article will cover all steps for cloning a phone number using no SIM card. Perhaps you are trying to spy on your partner and want to find out how to clone her or his phone number. You may also have a new device and need to copy data from your old one to your new one.

Nothing to worry about. While smartphone cloning might not be easy, it is possible. But, it is possible if you follow these instructions and read this blog post.

This tutorial will teach you how to copy anyone’s number. Copy all data from someone else’s phone to you. Or, you can copy all the data from one to the other.

Can I Clone my Phone Number Without a Sim card?

Yes, you can copy a phone number using any software without the sim card. There are many softwares available that can easily clone a number without using a simcard. It is possible to easily clone any phone without sim cards if you take your time and carefully read the article.

It is possible to clone your phone without using a simcard. You can easily clone any number of your phone using many different softwares. We’ve been able filter the best out of them all. This is why you need to read this article to find out how to easily copy it.

Steps to Clone a Mobile Phone Number without a SIM Card

Before you begin to copy any phone number using these steps, be sure to backup your phone data. This is essential to ensure you do not lose any data in the process. You can now follow the steps.

First, obtain your secret menu key in order to unlock your cell phone. There are many ways to obtain your phone menu key. has been recommended as the best site. Once you have logged in to the website, search your phone model and menu key. Then, copy the hack codes and go to the second step.

You will need to turn on your phone’s WiFi or data in order to make internet connections. Next, enter your key code to the cell phone with service. This will take you into a menu that displays an electronic serial number (ESN). Then, write this number down and hit the end button to exit.

Continue the process for the phone without service. To access the secret menu, continue the second step. Scroll down until you see the ESN. Note it down. The ESN from your service telephone will replace it. To change the number you will have to find the code, which can also be found at site like Nokia number changers are #639#, for example.

Then, you can match the number in your clone with the original one and you will have two fully functional cell phones. The ESN for the Clone should be kept in order to reverse the process.

How to Clone Number Without SIM Card

Alternativly, you can also clone the phone number without using a simcard. The second method can be used if the first method seems too complicated or stressful. It takes only five minutes.

Third-party software can be used to clone any mobile number without using a simcard. Google play store to download the Phone Cloneit App or the Phone Cloner App. After downloading the App, install it to start the Cloning process.

Two cell phones are required. The one that you want to clone your simcard and the one that you are importing the data. Turn on your WiFi. Follow all the instructions. You will successfully clone it.

Is it legal to duplicate a sim card?

Cloning a sim card is not an illegal act. But, it is illegal to clone a simcard that doesn’t belong.

This will allow you to ensure that your sim card is cloned legally.



I will wrap up this content. Before you start cloning any phone with no sim, backup your phone.

Please use the comment box below if you have any further questions. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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