How to stop someone listening to your phone calls and code to deactivate call monitoring fast

Code to deactivate Call monitoring Fast (How To Stop Someone From Listening To Your Phone Calls)

How to disable call monitoring. Cybercrime is growing and call monitoring is one example. Here are some ways to stop someone listening to your calls.

Call monitoring can be deactivated by entering code

This article is extremely informative. This article will teach you:

  • What is Call Monitoring?
  • MTN call monitoring code
  • How can I monitor my wife’s calls?
  • To check if my phone is being monitored, enter the code
  • How to disable call monitoring code (how to prevent someone listening to your calls).

What does it mean to monitor?

Call Monitoring is the act of listening in on another person’s calls with or without their consent, but mostly without their permission.

MTN call monitoring code

Before you dial this MTN call monitoring code you need to know that it must be entered with the cell phone that is connected to the number you wish to monitor.

After you have done this correctly, the MTN call monitoring codes will be activated.

The call monitoring code that allows you to listen to the calls of another person is **06*Your number#. This code must be dialled in to the cell phone with the number you wish to monitor.

Example: **06*+28034591882#. Then press Send.

You must dial +28034591882 your personal phone number.

How do I monitor my wife’s calls

This is how you can monitor your wife’s phone conversations with anyone she talks to on the phone.

Your wife’s number is **06Your Number#. Press send and then press the Send button. You can use **06+28039548128# to send this message.

You must dial +28039548128 with your own number.

Check if my call has been monitored

Here are some codes that will help you check if your call is being monitored


This code can be dialed to determine if your calls, messages or other data have been diverted. The status of each type of divertion will be displayed on the screen of your phone along with the number to which it is being sent. Code to disable call monitoring


If you are noticing that your line is not being answered, dial this code. You may be receiving voice calls from another number.


This universal code turns off all redirection from your phone. This code should be dialed before you use roaming. This will protect your account from having money taken or charges for calls that are redirected to your voicemail by default.


This code allows you to determine your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier). This number is very useful in locating your phone in the event it is stolen. The location of the stolen phone will be sent to the network operator automatically when it is turned on.

Deactivate Call Monitoring (How to Stop Someone Listening To Your Phone Calls )

Here’s how you can stop someone listening to your calls if you suspect your call being monitored by third parties or unknown numbers. This code will deactivate call monitoring and cancel any redirection to your phone.

Dial ##002#. This universal code deactivates and turns off all redirection from your phone. This code is recommended if you plan to use roaming.


Cybercrime is on the rise, and call monitoring is one of the most common. Call monitoring is simply listening to someone else’s calls without their consent.

This article will provide you with the information you need about MTN call monitoring code, how I monitor my wife’s calls, code that checks if my phone is being monitored, code deactivating call monitoring, and many other topics.

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