Ideas for Parallel Kitchen Interior Design in Every Indian Home

  In residential apartments like middle-class people that are not only small-sized but also massively dependent on a variety of types of furniture, utensils, tools, groceries, and other types of equipment, such a design does excellent justice to putting it all together, while still looking sleek, classy, and stylish. And so, we are here! Don’t worry. If you’re constructing a new modular kitchen or renovating an old one, browse through these top-rated modern modular kitchen designs for ideas that would suit any Indian family. And don’t forget to tell us which one you really liked. Modular Kitchens being the center of activity for the home, it is highly suggested to have a modular kitchen layout that expands its activities. There are various options available for modular kitchen layout designs that are a hit with first-time homeowners and the Parallel Kitchen Interior Design is one such layout. It is also known as Galley kitchens are a traditional kitchen layout. It is mainly used in inadequate spaces to get the most counter space. What is the Kitchen Work Triangle? A well-organized strategy is crucial in any successful operation environment. When it comes to your home, the modular kitchen sees the most action in a day. Therefore expert interior designers installed a ‘work triangle’ that must be supported while planning a modular kitchen layout to boost efficiency, performance, and productivity. The three key features of this triangle are the fridge, the stove, and the sink. These elements are the most frequently used parts of the modular kitchen. In a Parallel Kitchen Interior Design, the work triangle is the most outstanding design as there are two opposing platforms, the triangle is apparent on its own. One side of the table is entirely dedicated to the stovetop and cooking capacity. While the opposite side of the design houses the refrigerator and the washbasin. According to Vastu, a Parallel Kitchen modular design is the best fit for your home. If you have the right to create a modular kitchen layout from scratch, it is quite easy to combine both Vastu and the work triangle with a Parallel design. But if for you Vastu comes first then here is an expert-approved formula. Certain rules in our Vastu should be followed correctly. If concerns like the position of the stove and electrical devices, or the shape of the platform are classified out beforehand, the modular kitchen already fits Vastu-compliant. Then we can continue with placing the 3 elements that complement the work triangle. Complimentary features of the parallel kitchen layout designs are:
  • Makes the best use of the available space
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized modular kitchens
  • No corner space is used so cabinets can be easily combined
  • Prevents your kitchen from feeling dark
  • Strategically placed lighting to illuminate the space
In a Parallel kitchen design, there is no deficiency of selecting bright color schemes to make the space look gorgious and spacious. There is more than adequate space to go ahead and install that glass window on the wall which has no counters. The excess of natural light will help clear up the area. Constant black walls with black granite kitchen counters will not make the already limited area even smaller. Are you wondering if a parallel kitchen design is a right choice for your home? Don’t think much!! Explore various modular kitchen layouts that can fit in your home – and just be the right extent for it. Efficient use of space and functionality While a parallel modular kitchen provides efficient use of space and functionality, you can obtain the best of this modular kitchen layout with vertical storage resolutions. Fix vertical cabinets and counters to store your cooking essentials at arm’s distance. You can also profit from intermediate units on either side of your stovetop for essential seasonings and flavorings. Stowaway your oils and pulses below your stovetop with modular pull-out drawers or bins. Schedule a free consultation Given the compressed dimension of parallel modular kitchens design, there are several costs that you have to acquire. In parallel modular kitchens, you customarily need less countertop area hence less investment there. This layout also provides for insufficient space so you can make do with basic appliances. To understand how a parallel kitchen design can seamlessly implement into your home, let’s schedule a free consultation today with our expert professionals. Keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the kitchen industry by following our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Any feedback from your end is highly appreciated. Please feel free to book free consultation today. We are here to help you.  

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