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Mama uka biography and net worth is entertaining article created to discuss about The Nigeria famous notorious comedian.

Mama uka is one most influence comedian right now who hail and born from Enugu,Nigeria and also and Igbo man by tribe.

Who Is Mama Uka

Mama Uka is Nigeria Comedian and singer, producer hail from Enugu, Enugu State. Mama uka is one most influence comedian movies producerr.

Full data profile of comedian Mama Uka

Full name Odinaka Chukwueze
Age 31 years old (estimated)
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 19
Parents N/A
State of origin Enugu State
Marital Status Single
Height N/A
Tribe Igbo
Career Comedian, Skit Maker, Content Creator

Mama Uka Early Life

Mama uka has a real name as Odinaka Chukwueze, he was born on 19 August at Amachara, Enugu Ezike Igbo Eze North Local Government Area, Enugu State. Nigeria.

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mama attended his primary school and secondary school at Enugu, Enugu state,Nigeria. Presently odinaka chukwueze is HND holder.

Mama Uka Career

Odika chukwueze who is popular know as mama uka is native igbo, he started his comedy and movies career at Enugu the year is unknown to us as for now.

the popular comedian gain attention of comedy lovers after post his first comedy skit on Instagram.

this comedian is known with his act scenes mama uka, he always act as female.

The enugu based comedian odika chukwueze who is also know as mama uka is one brilliant and influence comedian in Nigeria right now.

Mama Uka new movie

Comedian Mama Uka recently released his much-anticipated debut movie titled “Omugo Obodo Oyinbo” on August 30, 2021.

He revealed that the movie has to do with both the African and Asian continents, adding that he travelled to five different Asian countries like Vietnam, Dubai, Lambose, Cambodia, and the Philippines to shoot the movie.

The comedian cum actor also revealed that the use of the Nsukka dialect in his skits is a means of promoting his culture and bringing it to the limelight through his creativity.

Mama Uka’s relationship and marriage

As of the time of writing this report, Mama Uka has no wife, girlfriend, or baby mama. He had revealed during an interview that he is presently too young for an intimate relationship.

Mama Uka’s children

As of the time of writing this report, there is no information about Mama Uka having any biological children of his own.

However, in his comedy skits, Mama Uka plays the role of an elderly woman with several misbehaving children.

Mama Uka’s net worth

Mama Uka has an estimated net worth of about N70 million naira, as of October 2021.

Mama Uka’s house and car

Mana Uka received a brand new Mercedes Benz from Oliver Idoko, the CEO of Ego Amaka Transport Limited as a birthday gift in August 2020. The comedian was seen shedding tears of joy as he received the car gift.

Mama Uka

According to the comedian, Oliver Idoko is a supporter of the ‘Mama Uka’ brand and he was even the one who sponsored some of his trips to the Asian countries he visited during the production of his debut movie.

The comedian and actor also built a house for his mother earlier this year. He shared the news via his Instagram handle and also posted some pictures of the house.

Mama Uka on social media

Mama Uka’s Instagram handle is @_mamauka. His Facebook page is Mama Uka1.

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