Navy Federal Routing Number ( All States In United States)

If you have had an endless search or you are in doubt about your Navy Federal routing number of yours. If you want to process a transaction but do not know what Navy Federal routing number to use, then sit closely as I take you through this guide.

Here you will understand the Navy Federal routing number, its uses, how to find it, and know the routing number of your state. This article is packed full and serves as an eye-opener. So sit up and read attentively as we go through it together.

What Is Routing Number?


A routing number is a set of 9-digit numbers that serve as a unique identifier of a bank or financial institution. It helps to identify where a transaction is coming from and where it needs to be sent to especially when the transfer is between two separate institutions.

Routing numbers were introduced by the American Bankers Association in 1900. And has since then been in use. Routing numbers are also called ABA routing numbers, Routing transit numbers, RTN, etc.

Does Navy Federal Have A Routing Number?


Yes, Navy Federal Credit Union has a routing number. As stated above, routing numbers are unique identifiers for banks and other financial institutions. And since Navy Federal is a financial institution that is involved in the process of transactions that involves money. It does have a routing number.

As we proceed, you will quickly see the uses of the number before you will see the number. So keep on reading.

Uses Of Navy Federal Routing Number?


The Navy Federal routing number like other routing numbers is used to process financial transactions of many types as it helps to identify the institution where the payment is coming from. Below are some of the transactions that a routing number is used for.

  • Direct Deposits.
  • ACH transfers
  • Wire transfers.
  • Payment of bills.
  • Payment of government benefits and tax returns, etc.

What Is Navy Federal Routing Number?


Now that you have seen what a routing number is and what it is used for, let us move a little bit further to see the Navy Federal routing number. The Navy Federal routing number is 256074974.  This is the number that is needed for any of the transactions that are listed above and more.

What Navy Federal Routing Number Can I Use For Wire Transfers?


The Navy Federal routing number for wire transfer is 256074974. This can be used for any form of wire transfer as it is the only routing number that the organization has. So whether you are processing domestic or international wire transfers, the number above is what you are expected to fill in on one form.

Added to that, you might be required to add a SWIFT code when proceeding with international wire transfers.

What Is Navy Federal Routing Number For Georgia?


The Navy Federal routing number for Georgia is 256074974. So, if you want to carry out a transaction that involves filling out the routing number of the Navy Federal Credit Union, that is the number to use.

In the table below, we listed out all the states in the United States and their Navy Federal Credit Union routing number. So go through it to see the one that concerns you.

Table Showing States And Their Navy Federal Routing Number

State Routing Number
Alabama 256074974
Alaska 256074974
Arizona 256074974
Arkansas 256074974
California 256074974
Colorado 256074974
Connecticut 256074974
Delaware 256074974
District of Columbia 256074974
Florida 256074974
Georgia 256074974
Hawaii 256074974
Idaho 256074974
Illinois 256074974
Indiana 256074974
Iowa 256074974
Kansas 256074974
Kentucky 256074974
Louisiana 256074974
Maine 256074974
Maryland 256074974
Massachusetts 256074974
Michigan 256074974
Minnesota 256074974
Mississippi 256074974
Missouri 256074974
Montana 256074974
Nebraska 256074974
Nevada 256074974
New Hampshire 256074974
New Jersey 256074974
New Mexico 256074974
New York 256074974
North Carolina 256074974
North Dakota 256074974
Ohio 256074974
Oklahoma 256074974
Oregon 256074974
Pennsylvania 256074974
Rhode Island 256074974
South Carolina 256074974
South Dakota 256074974
Tennessee 256074974
Texas 256074974
Utah 256074974
Vermont 256074974
Virginia 256074974
Washington 256074974
West Virginia 256074974
Wisconsin 256074974
Wyoming 256074974

How Many Routing Numbers Does The Navy Federal Have?

Answer: 1

From the table above, you can see that the Navy Federal Credit Union has only one routing number. This is unlike other financial institutions that have different routing numbers for each of the states of the country.

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So irrespective of the state where you reside or where you opened your Navy Federal Credit Union account, this routing number applies to you.

How To Find The Navy Federal Routing Number


Verifying every piece of information before the application is an intelligent thing to do. So, if you wish to confirm the Navy Federal routing number that applies to you, there are several ways to do this. Some of the ways to find your Navy Federal routing number are on the paper check, on your monthly statement.

The Navy Federal website, the website of the Federal Reserve, calling customer service, etc. I will explain some of them in the next paragraphs of this section.

How To Find Your Navy Federal Routing Number On A Check


The first and best way to find your Navy Federal routing number is by looking it up on your paper check. However, this can only be possible if you have one handy.

To find the routing number, look to the bottom left side of the check. There you will find 3 sets of numbers. The first set of numbers which has 9 digits is the routing number. It is followed by a set of 10 digits which is your account number and lastly, your check number.

On the Monthly Statement


Your Navy Federal monthly statement also contains the routing number. You can access your monthly statement in the mobile app or the Navy Federal online website.

The Federal Reserve Website


This is another easy way to find your Navy Federal routing number. All you need to do is to visit the official website of the Federal Reserve and enter the name of your financial institution (Navy Federal Credit Union). Enter your location and search. You will get your routing number in a few seconds.

Call Navy Federal Customer Service


The last method of finding your Navy Federal routing number that I am going to discuss here is by calling the customer service department of the institution.  The phone number to call is 1-888-842-6328. This number is available 24/7.


Do All States Have The Same Navy Federal Routing Number?


Yes, there is just one Navy Federal routing number. That number as shown in the post above is used for all transactions and all states.



Now that you have seen the Navy Federal routing number, its uses, and where you can find it as discussed in the post above, I hope your questions have been answered and you will no longer have problems using it.

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