Snapchat Yellow Heart Meaning And Other Emojis (2022)

Snapchat Yellow Heart Meaning?

Snapchat Yellow Heart Meaning – You may have wondered what those emojis next the names of your friends mean if you’ve ever used Snapchat. There are many emojis that can be used to represent different aspects about your relationship with other users. Snapchat’s #1 best friend spot is one of its most coveted. This position is represented by the yellow heart emoticon. This signifies that you are #1 friend with the user and they will be #1 friend with you. You can earn this heart by sharing the most snap messaging to one another.

The yellow heart shows the first two weeks as #1 best friends with a person. If you are still best friends two weeks later, the yellow heart will change to red. Snapchat is the most used social media platform for generation Z. Continue reading to keep up-to-date on Snapchat and the meanings behind emojis.

How can you get the Snapchat Yellow Heart Meaning?

It is easy to get the yellow love with someone: send each other lots and lots of snapchats. You should do this more with each other than with other people. It may be more difficult to obtain the yellow heart with someone if you both snapchat a lot. It will take longer to get best friend status as there are more people competing with you. If you want to exchange a yellow-heart emoji with someone, however, make sure to do so as often as you can.

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Are You able to share the Snapchat Yellow Heart with multiple people?

You cannot have a yellow hearts with more than one person. It’s a very rare emoji that requires work to acquire and maintain. However, it is much easier to get the yellow heart than the other friend Emojis like red and pink hearts. If you would like to share the yellow heart you have with a different user from the one that you currently have, stop snapping the user and instead snapchat the user you wish to be best buddies with.

Why is Snapchat Yellow Heart Important?

Snapchat Yellow Heart Meaning


Snapchat’s yellow heart, which can only be shared by another person, is why it is so important. Because the yellow heart represents best friend status, it cannot be shared with anyone other than the person who has taken the most snaps. The yellow heart is your first step towards gaining more complicated friendship emojis such as the red or pink hearts. It gives insight into your number one friend on Snapchat.

Snapchat Yellow Heart Meaning With Other Emojis

The emojis will appear beside the username of the user that you have on snapchat. The Snapchat emoji meanings are used to indicate the type of relationship or length with the user. You need to understand the basics of Snapchat and how to market it . This guide will help you understand the meanings and uses of Snapchat’s various Emojis.

Heart Emojis

  • Yellow Heart – Congratulations! This means that you have become best friends on Snapchat with the person. This means that you are their best friend. You send the most pictures to this person, and they send you the most. It’s also known as the besties emoji.
  • Red Heart – This level is above the yellow heart. It signifies that you have been best friend with the person for 2 weeks and that you have maintained that status. Snapchat’s red heart lasts for either 2 months or until you are no more best friends. The BFF emoji is also known as the red heart.
  • Pink Hearts are the ultimate level of best friends status on Snapchat. These hearts are a sign that you and this person have been best buddies for two consecutive months. This heart is indicative of high Snapchat commitment and requires effort to maintain. You can’t get a friendship status higher than the pink heart so it is a big milestone. It’s also known as the super BFF emoticon.

Face Emojis

  • Grimace Face Emoji – This emoji means that your best friend is also your best friend. This allows you to both snap the exact same person.
  • Smiley Face: This is a sign that the person who you are snapchatting about your best friend is smiling at you. They may not be your best friend but they are still your best friend.
  • Sunglasses face – A friend’s name is displayed next to the sunglasses emoji. This signifies that you are best friends. It doesn’t have to be your #1 best friend. However, it can mean someone you snap often. It is common for people who are close friends and share the same circle.

Miscellaneous Emojis

  • Baby Face – This is a new Snapchat user that disappears after a few days. This symbolises a new Snapchat friendship.
  • Fire – Even though most people do not use Snapchat, many have heard the term snap trend. This emoji indicates how many consecutive days you and the user have been snapchatting. If you and the user do not snapchat together for twenty four hours consecutively, the flame and snap streak disappears. You will need to restart the streak or contact Snapchat support to get it back.
  • Hourglass – This indicates that your snapstreak agreement with someone is about expire. This is a warning that your snapstreak with someone is about to end. Use the timer to send a photo.
  • One Hundred- It is the same thing as the fire emoticon and signifies that you and another person have a snap streak lasting 100 days. The emoji will not appear for more than one day.
  • Birthday Cake – This means it is the user’s special day. Snapchat allows friends to wish users a happy Birthday and use snapchat.
  • Zodiac Emojis: Although not shown next to the user’s names, it is displayed under a user’s profile. The exact one depends on what birthday the user entered in the app. It provides additional information and shows the user’s zodiac sign.

Snapchat has so many Emoji Meanings

Snapchat emojis have the purpose of identifying and signingify relationships between users. These emojis are designed to encourage users to use Snapchat more frequently and increase the number their messages. It is a goal that first users receive a Snapchat yellow, then red, and finally pink hearts. Friends can use these friendship emojis to set common goals and work towards them.

Snapchat’s snap streak emoji encourages users take photos of each other all the time. This is displayed by the fire emoji. The snap streak is created after users have snapped three times and displays a fire emoji that indicates the number days they’ve spent snapping together. Other emojis indicate aspects such as common friends and if you share a best friend. Snapchat emojis are a way to see how you relate with other users, what friends you may have, and how long it has been you snapchatting with another user.

When was Snapchat introduced the Emoji Functions on its platform?

Snapchat launched the emojis April 2015. There was an earlier list of your three best friends that could be seen by everyone. The meanings of the emojis have been updated. Another popular feature Snapchat introduced in 2014 was The geofilter. A click could be made on a user to show them the photos they liked the most. The difference with the Emojis is that the messages are not visible publicly and are only displayed to the individuals involved. The meanings of emojis is more complex than that of the list of best friends.

Snapchat deleted the public list for best friends because privacy concerns were raised. Because these lists were public, there was no way to hide them. It caused awkward situations between people. That’s where emojis, as well as private best friends lists, came in. You can now have up to eight best friends on your private list. This means that emojis no longer display information about friendships, so privacy concerns are now gone.

Emojis for Friends

Did you know you can choose to alter the default options of your browser? To make the emojis more in line with your personal preferences, you can alter their meanings. Snapchat offers the ability to display your best friend with a balloon rather than the Snapchat yellow heart.

Instructions for Customization of iOS/iPhones

  • My profile
  • Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner
  • Scroll down to see additional services
  • Click manage
  • Select friend emojis
  • Your emojis can be customized with anything you like

Android Customization Instructions

  • My profile
  • Click on the settings icon
  • Select customize emojis
  • Customize your friend emojis

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