(Solved) How to Fix Pinterest Widget Not Working in 2022

(Solved) How to Fix Pinterest Widget Not Working in 2022
How to Fix Pinterest Widget Not Working

Pinterest is a fantastic image-sharing website that facilitates learning about new things, locations, trends, cuisines, and much more. Recently, a lot of users on the platform expressed frustration over the Pinterest Widget’s malfunction. If you’ve come here to learn how to fix a broken Pinterest widget, stay reading!

The Pinterest Widget allows users to access inspiration right from their device’s home screen. The widget shows the concepts that you’ve directly copied from the boards you follow and favor. According to the themes you follow on the app, the widget serves as inspiration for you. Follow along to learn How to Fix Pinterest Widget Not Working and return to your posh and exciting home screen.

How to Fix Pinterest Widget Not Working?

Many users have expressed frustration that the Pinterest Widget does not function properly on iPhones. It should be noted that the Pinterest Widget is now available on iOS 14 or later. The problem with Pinterest not working can be resolved by using the suggested fixes as of yet, according to Pinterest developers.

Method 1

Check For Good Internet Connectivity To Fix Pinterest Widget Not Working

Make sure your internet connection is strong. Alternately, you can try switching from WiFi to cellular data or vice versa and see if it fixes the problem.

Method 2

Update your Pinterest app to fix the Pinterest widget issue

If your Pinterest app hasn’t been updated recently, the Pinterest Widget may not be functioning. To achieve this, update your Pinterest app to the most recent version by going to the play store or App store on your Android or iOS device.

Method 3

Restart Your Device To Fix The Pinterest Widget Issue

Sometimes all it takes is a simple restart of your device to fix the problems. Check to see if your problem is fixed by closing the Pinterest app and restarting your device.

Method 4

Contact the Pinterest Support Team to Resolve the Pinterest Widget Issue

Explain your problem with the widget not working when you get in touch with the Pinterest Support team. On their official Twitter account, the Pinterest crew is also reachable.

Method 5

Enable Background App Refresh for Pinterest To Fix Pinterest Widget Not Working Enable Background App Refresh for Pinterest to ensure that the widget is functional.

Toggle the Pinterest Background App Refresh option on by going to Settings on your device, clicking General, and then tapping Background App Refresh.


Why is the Pinterest Widget not working?

The following list of causes for the Pinterest widget’s malfunction:

  1. A momentary issue with the server.
  2. Internet connection instability.
  3. There haven’t been any updates to the Pinterest app in a while.

Wrapping Up

Pinterest Widget encourages you to maintain a distinctive home screen. Many Pinterest users have expressed dissatisfaction at the Pinterest Widget’s malfunction. Read the complete post and don’t forget to share it with your friends to learn How to Fix Pinterest Widget Not Working!

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