The HomePod has a strange moment of acne on the market, and we’re not sure why

When Apple stopped selling the speaker HomePod last year, the fans don’t raped just rush to buy the stock, which was still available in the market. The models were left on the shelves after stopping them, and you could find the white model for as low as $199 several months later.


But now all of a sudden the device has become a smash hit out of nowhere. A review of the StockX shows that the models HomePod sold for less than $300 back in 2021 are now being sold for over $550, with a few sales to exceed $700. The sales of the eBay is not so high, but sold regularly for more than the original average at $349.

We’re not sure why. While Apple devices are generally retain their value, this is odd for a device that was pining on the shelves for years. Granted, Apple continues to update it and it is definitely one of the best smart speakers with fantastic audio, but has a sale price of this moment, above the average selling price of retail is something very strange to say the least….



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