What was the cause of death for Bob Lokman? Lyricist and actor from “Isabella” Passes Away at 58

What was the cause of death for Bob Lokman? Lyricist and actor from "Isabella" Passes Away at 58

We are devastated, to announce the tragic passing of the well-known Malaysian musician, actor and the author of Isabella “Bob Lokman” who was no longer among his family and admirers.

His death occurred aged 58 years on the 23rd of September 2022, at his home. The moment the news became public on social networks and the internet, uncounted responses started pouring out.

No one thought of, that he was leaving the planet in such a way. Therefore, nearly everybody is mourning for his loss on social media. Below you will find additional information.

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According to exclusive information or the sources, Bob Lokman alias Mohd Hakim Bob Lokman breathed last at his home due to heart arrest complications after a huge stroke rendered him lifeless.

Initially, the family attempted to transport them to the closest hospital in order that the medical personnel could take care of him and give him a blessing with a fresh breath.

However, he lost his precious life , and as such at the time of conducting an examination, the doctors declared him dead when he asked his family members to return him. All he required was the funeral , and the funeral and nothing other.

Who Was Bob Lokman?

A 58-year old, Bob Lokman alias Mohd Hakim Bob Lokman was a famous Malaysian comedian and actor.

He also hosted and the author of “Isabella” as well as during the final days in his existence, he was in the well-known positing of the religious and political speakers on the PAS stage.

In his time of service and beyond, he had a myriad of achievements credited to his name, which he gained through his music career.

Bob Lokman Year Of Birth

His birth date was the 15th of April 1964, in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan, Malaysia and, unfortunately his departure was on the 23rd of September in 2022, at the exact spot in which his birth occurred it is a cause of deep sorrow.

Once his fans is becoming aware of the devastating news of his passing, their grief began to hit the news in such a way. Since no one thought that their beloved one would be gone in a specific manner.

Bob Lokman Tributes & Obituary

Thus, the majority of people are giving him a kudos via social media, particularly on Twitter which is why the flood of emotion has occurred as uncounted heartfelt posts are being shared by his fans.

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We will also pray that his soul rest in the heavens, and we will pray for his family as well to help them find the strength to bear the loss of an important member to their loved ones. Keep an eye on us for more details and follow us on Social Telecast.

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