Where is Anita Wooldridge Now?

Anita Wooldridge was a very responsible young lady, which is why her family members were concerned when she disappeared from the house of her parents located in Kokomo, Indiana. While authorities did not waste time in pursuing the case, Anita had to spend eight days in a terrifying prison which saw her brutally raped, beaten and tortured. Investigation Discovery’s “Your Most Worst Nightmare”Locked Away” takes viewers through the horrors of Anita’s captivity and reveals how the culprit was eventually brought to justice. Let’s look into the specifics of the investigation and discover the location Anita Wooldridge is at present will we?

Who Is Anita Wooldridge?

Anita Wooldridge was just 21 at the moment of her kidnapping. She had just completed her college degree. People close to her said that Anita was very ambitious about her future and was looking at getting noticed. She was looking forward to new beginnings to come but didn’t know about the difficult ordeal life planned to force her through. Even now, her loved ones have described her as a genuinely kind as well as generous individual who made use of her horrific incident as a way to aid others.

It is interesting to note that Anita Wooldridge as well as her kidnapper Victor Steele, knew each in an exercise center Anita was employed at. But, they were not in any way connected and, as such, Anita was astonished when he walked in unannounced at her front door on the 25th of June the year 1988. In that moment, Anita was alone at home , getting ready for a lunch time date and she did not think about it before inviting Victor to her house as he asked for an ice-cold glass. But, when Anita changed her mind to Victor and he began to tase her repeatedly with a stun gun that caused her to collapse on the floor.

The kidnapper later carried Anita out of her vehicle, threw the victim inside the trunk, then returned to his residence after which she sexually assaulted Anita inside the garage. Anita’s boyfriend was first to find her missing and, once her parents realised their mistake, they swiftly initiated police. Although police searched all over for the missing 21-year-old there was no sign about her during the first couple of days. Meanwhile, Victor refused to keep Anita in Indiana and instead moved her to a home at La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Then, Anita was kept inside an unassuming steel cabinet that lasted for 8 days and Victor did not allow her to leave in the event that he wanted to assault her sexually. The victim was then subjected to horrific rape and torture Anita later stated she believed that the faith of her and faith in God was what gave her the courage to endure the torture. Then, on the 2nd of July 1998, the police were able to track Anita to her La Crosse apartment from where she was saved. The authorities also discovered Victor during the rescue mission and took him into custody.

Where Is Anita Wooldridge Now?

After an experience that was so horrifying, Anita refused to back down and confronted her kidnapper’s trial at the time of Victor in which she gave evidence against Victor. The testimony of Anita went a long way in ensuring his conviction when Victor received a sentence of life imprisonment in 1999. Anita stated that following Victor’s arrest, she tried to live a normal life, but the memories of the tragic incident were difficult to rid of. She decided to go to therapy , and over time came to realize the place in which she could utilize her experience to others who needed assistance.

In the year 2010, Anita co-authored a book along with her therapist Angela Roegner, titled ‘Eight Days in Darkness in which she detailed the events surrounding the abduction of her and subsequent rescue. While Anita is currently content to remain hidden from the world but the show did mention that she is firefighter, and is slowly getting over the demons from her past.

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