Who Is Gary Owen New Girlfriend? Where Is His Ex-Wife Kenya Duke Amid Divorce?

Gary is believed as being single. He does not have new girlfriends following the divorce of his spouse, Kenya. Gary seems to be focussed on his work career and hasn’t expressed any interest in getting involved in any relationship with love.

People are curious to find out more about the girlfriend who comic Gary Owen is dating after divorce from his wife, Kenya Duke.

The Instagram profile, which is listed under the username @garyowencomedy also doesn’t contain any details that could provide any information about his romantic relationship with any woman as of 2022.

On the other hand Owen’s wife Kenya accuses Owen of having an affair with a nurse Brianna Johnson. She posted an Instagram post in which she revealed that her husband was engaged to a girl in secret and she was experiencing difficulties with her marriage which eventually led to her end the relationship.

Gary has not admitted to the accusations made by his wife. So there is no way to tell whether he’s dating the woman she has accused him of, or not because of the lack of evidence.

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