How To Get Your Spouse Admitted To Canada And What You Need To Do

One way for a couple to move to Canada is for one partner to sponsor the other. Another way is for one partner to be listed as a dependent. The same goes for same-sex couples and people who live together but are not married.

One of the easiest ways to bring your spouse to Canada is through the Spousal Sponsorship Category, which is part of the Family Class. It is also the best option for people who have a spouse in Canada or who are married to a Canadian who can sponsor them to become a permanent resident.

If the application is sent in as a couple, the Sponsor must first get permanent residency in Canada. Only after the Sponsor has become a permanent resident can an application to sponsor a spouse be made. People who come to the U.S. with their partners as dependents can apply for permanent residency together.

Needs In A Relationship

Spouse: The Sponsor and the person they are taking care of must be legally married.
If the marriage happened in Canada, you need a marriage certificate from the province.

If the wedding happened outside of Canada, it must be legal in both Canada and the country where it happened.
If the same-sex marriage happened outside of Canada, they can’t use this category, but they can use either of the other two.

Partner In A Civil Union

The sponsor and the person who needs help must have lived together for at least a year.

Couples Living Together

Candidates who may not be eligible for the other two categories due to special circumstances, such as restrictions on same-sex marriage in their home country or other things that make it hard for them to move. Sponsor and dependent must show financial and emotional loyalty to each other for at least a year.

Needs of Sponsoring Applicant

  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or someone who lives in Canada permanently.
  • Must not have a history of crime.
  • Not have been sponsored as a spouse in the last five years.

Requirements for Applicants with Sponsors

  • You must be at least 16 years old or above to take part.
  • The sponsor is not a close family member.

Fast Passage

The Canadian federal government has three main immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Workers Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class. Express Entry is in charge of all of these programs. Through the Express Entry program, married couples can move to Canada for good.

The main applicant lists the spouse as a dependent or a secondary applicant.

NOTE: Only the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Federal Skilled Trades Program are open to couples with children.

The Canadian Experience Class is better for young professionals who are single and working.

Candidate No. 1 and Candidate No. 2

The Federal Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Trades Programs require applicants to show proof of funding. But in this case, the partner is seen as a part of the program. This means that applicants can earn up to 1,200 points when they use one of the programs to build their Express Entry profile. The partner’s profile assessment is worth 40 points out of a possible 1200. Since the average CRS score is between 430 and 460, these 40 points help add up the average score.

Factors added or taken away by the spouse

Knowledge of a language

The Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) is based on how well a person can read, speak, listen to, and write in both English and French.

Qualifications For School

The index keeps track of education after high school (from Canada or abroad).
The most points are given to candidates whose education in Canada is equivalent to or higher than a master’s degree.


The most points are given to people between the ages of 20 and 29, while no points are given to people over the age of 47.

Work History in Canada

Higher scores are given to people who have worked in Canada for at least two years. Before you apply, you should think about which partner has the best profile. Name that person as the main applicant. If your partner has better credit, you should put them down as a second applicant. If they wouldn’t do well, you might want to list them as a dependent.

How to Apply with Dependents

If you list your partner as a dependent, the main applicant must show that he or she has enough money to live in Canada with the dependents.

NOTE: The CRS score has nothing to do with the partner’s background.

How much money you need depends on how many people you support.


If you are on your own, it can be scary to start a new life. It’s not unusual for legal procedures to make it hard for immigrants to bring their families to Canada with them. But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to move to Canada at the same time even if you get permanent resident status at different times. All you have to do is find the right spousal sponsorship Canada program for you and your spouse. And we’ve talked about them already. We hope this is useful!

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