HUAWEI nova Y70: elegant design and amazing features in a smartphone

Everything You Need To Know About HUAWEI nova Y70.

The HUAWEI nova Y70 is a new addition to the family of the successful series nova Y and is no longer available in the Greek market, to make the technology even more accessible to everyone!

The new smartphone of HUAWEI has inherited the impressive DNA of the nova series Y to offer an array of impressive features: screen HUAWEI FullView 6,75 inch, strong battery 6000 mAh, technology of fast charging HUAWEI SuperCharge 22,5 W, large storage space of 128 GB and powerful operating system EMUI 12 with the goal to continue to offer consumers a more innovative and smart user experience.

Get ready for a carefree user experience with the long-lasting battery 6000mAh

The HUAWEI nova Y70 continues the tradition of the series HUAWEI Y with a long battery life. It is equipped with a large battery of 6000 mAh, so as to provide a reliable user experience, by providing security and stability. Thanks to the unique technology of smart energy-saving AI of HUAWEI, the HUAWEI nova Y70 has optimized the eight sectors of energy consumption.

To further improve the battery life, the HUAWEI nova Y70 supports the technology of fast charging of 22.5 W HUAWEI SuperCharge, which offers users a lesser charge time for an extremely long battery life. It also features a built-in charging protection system 13 layers, and an upgraded electrochemical system to improve the safety of charging, as well as the cycle life of the battery. It’s amazing that it needs charging only twice a week, outperforming compared to other smartphones with the same battery capacity.

Thanks to the optimized potential energy consumption of applications, the HUAWEI nova Y70 can locate and disable the energy consumption of applications that are not blocked by the user, as well as the non-core applications, and activates the function of Low battery when the battery is at 5% to be able to remain open for up to 12 hours before the shutdown. In addition, the HUAWEI nova Y70 can provide output 5V/1A for the support of a wired reverse charging for devices such as the HUAWEI smartwatches, bands and smartphones wherever you are.

Display HUAWEI FullView 6,75 inch for an immersive viewing experience

The HUAWEI nova Y70 has a display HUAWEI FullView 6,75 inch to offer users an immersive viewing experience. Thanks to the high proportion of screen to body 90,26% and the narrow design of a slot, the screen displays more content on a wider view, whether it’s images, either for video or games.

To reduce the burden in the eyes of the users, the HUAWEI nova Y70 supports various functions of reading, including smart dimming brightness, of the light screen and the e-book. Whether under the sun or under low light, users can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience and not miss out on anything from the pleasure of reading. The HUAWEI nova Y70 care and for the time they have the users in front of the screen during the night, reducing the screen brightness and color intensity. In this way, helps to reduce the irritation and relieve eye strain, for the enhanced protection of vision of the user.

In terms of colors and design, the HUAWEI nova Y70 has inherited the aesthetic superiority of the nova series Y. Apart from the beautiful, curved design, the new smartphone is available in three color palettes: Pearl White, Crystal Blue, and Midnight Black, to fit better in the way that the younger generations perceive the fashion today, allowing for easy and comfortable combinations.

Experience a smart digital life with a large storage space and a new audio experience

In the new era of smartphones, Huawei is committed to leading the technological developments, continuing to offer consumers a smart digital life experience. The HUAWEI nova Y70 has a large storage space of 4 GB and a storage capacity of up to 512 GB using MicroSD card. The large storage space reassures users to storage issues, while guarantee stable performance when switching or running multiple applications, providing users with a seamless experience that lasts in time.

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The HUAWEI nova Y70 also features compression technology super file EROFTS to minimize storage space when downloading your favorite songs, videos and games of the user.

The series of HUAWEI nova Y has allowed users to enjoy listening to music at high volume. The new generation of the series, through the HUAWEI nova Y70, is equipped with the newly upgraded HUAWEI SuperSound to re-adjust the quality of audio, delivering a stronger bass, clearer mid range, with much improved dynamic range and sense of space.

The HUAWEI nova Y70 supports a virtual sound effect sky surround a 9.1-channel, which imparts a 3D effect to the sound, thus creating an amazing sky channel effects. Whether users are listening to songs or watching movies, you can enjoy an immersive sound journey with stunning effects.

Be the protagonist in your life: selfie beauty camera with rear camera, high resolution

HUAWEI nova Y70
HUAWEI nova Y70

The selfies are a way of communication for the younger generation. The HUAWEI nova Y70 enhances the front 8MP camera, which can capture a selfie with crisp details. The front camera supports bokeh effects and together with the developed algorithm, AI Beauty of Huawei, you can create a custom beauty effects based on the characteristics of the user, such as age and gender. In addition, the HUAWEI nova Y70 has the imaging technology HDR backlight that can capture more details in portraits and landscapes without worrying about interference of light, imprinting, and the two kinds of photography every detail.

With regard to the rear camera, the HUAWEI nova Y70 has a triple camera AI, including a main camera’s high-resolution 48MP (aperture of f/1.8), a camera, ultra-wideband angle 120° 5MP and a camera’s depth-of-2MP. The main high-resolution camera with optimized algorithms of HUAWEI can reduce the noise and increase the dynamic range, ensuring that each shot is the best quality, regardless of whether you’re shooting portraits or landscapes. The camera is ultra-wideband angle 120° helps to fit easily more content in one take to capture every memory, whether you’re shooting landscapes or group photos.

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The separate camera depth works in conjunction with the newly developed algorithm bokeh that can accurately detect the distance and the depth of the subject of the photography. The 3D visualization is achieved to highlight the protagonist of the photo shoot or shooting landscapes or portraits.

An effective, comfortable and safe interactive experience with the EMUI 12

To activate the control and cooperation between devices, EMUI 12 offers a simple way to login. The Super Device of HUAWEI nova Y70, the icon for smartphone located in the center, surrounded by icons that represent other devices (such as smartphones and speakers of HUAWEI ). To connect two devices, users simply draw for your smartphone the icons that correspond to the devices you want to connect.

In addition, the HUAWEI MeeTime supports multiple calls with up to 12 parts video HD and high frame rate in HUAWEI nova Y70 with equipment EMUI 12. Users can transfer the calls MeeTime in a HUAWEI Vision to enjoy an experience of a video call on a larger screen.

In addition, the HUAWEI nova Y70 supports the operation Easy Mode. When enabled , makes the use of more compact with large icons, fonts and screen, allowing users to see the content more clear, more simple and effective to use. In addition, the possibilities of movement of the fingers supported on the HUAWEI nova Y70 allow users to take screenshots more easily, providing a more comfortable user experience.

The HUAWEI AppGallery is the official market applications of Huawei, providing users with search, download, manage, and share mobile apps. Offering users apps with a global reach, as well as many, local applications to meet various needs. In addition, thanks to the unique possibility of HMS Core of Huawei, the applications offer the possibility of an interconnected use, providing consumers with a more convenient and innovative experience of applications.

The HUAWEI AppGallery also provides four levels of security, including the scanning of security sensitive files, leak detection privacy, detection of malicious behavior and non-auto re-test real name. It also provides a mechanism for scoring applications for the protection of security of minors when using the Internet.

As a new product aimed at the younger generation, the HUAWEI nova Y70 offers a comprehensive and an improved user experience. From the technical features such as the large screen, long battery life and the increased storage space, up to the advanced technological features of the possibilities for imaging and intelligent interaction, the HUAWEI nova Y70 , not only provide users with an experience that combines technology with fashion, but also a simple, comfortable, efficient, safe and reliable interactive experience that meets all requirements.

The HUAWEI nova Y70 is available in the Greek market after the announcement at an event in Istanbul, which was also presented a variety of new innovative products with cutting-edge technology: the new folding smartphone HUAWEI Mate Xs 2, HUAWEI MateBook D 16, the first tablet HUAWEI MatePad Paper screen, e-ink, the new HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2 and the HUAWEI nova Y90.


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